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The State Council issued an guideline on Thursday in developing artificial intelligence (AI), vowing to catch up world advancing levels in artificial intelligence technology and application by the year 2020.

The guideline vows to make artificial intelligence a key economic driving force for China by 2o2o, while its appliance can help greatly with improving people"s livelihood as well as China"s innovation capacity. It was also made clear in the guideline that China vows to become an innovation center of artificial intelligence by the year 2030.

Advancing the AI will bring China with new development opportunities, the guideline says, especially when China now faces a set of challenges of an aging population and development restricted by environmental resources. The AI industries are expected to improve public services in education, caring for the elderly as well as urban infrastructure, contributing in improving people"s lives and social governance.

China aims for theoretical breakthrough in AI by the year 2025 in both technology and its application, so that AI can play a significant role in driving China"s economic transition and industrial upgrading.

Industries that are expected to play leading role in the AI will be fully bolstered by strengthening technology transformation, especially in areas such as the internet of things, intelligent hardware and software, as well as smart robots. Industrial upgrading in areas such as smart manufacturing, connected farming as well as home automation (smart home) will be encouraged. It was singled out in the guideline China aim for an AI industry worth of over 150 billion yuan by 2020.

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