Beijing to lift all villages above low-income line by 2disney pass bands020

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A village in Beijing. [Photo/VCG]

BEIJING - Beijing will lift all its villages above the low-income line by 2020 as it continues to improve sanitation, green farming and public services in low-income areas, according to a plan released Thursday.

By 2020, the city will lift 68,000 households, or 234 villages that have less than 11,160 yuan ($1,643) of per capita disposable income above the low-income line, said the plan.

This is part of the city"s rural vitalization scheme that aims to bring modern agriculture, infrastructure and governance to the rural areas.

Beijing will also improve garbage classification implementations, toilet construction and waste disposal facilities as well as healthcare services in the villages, according to the plan.

China announced plans in March 2018 to improve the infrastructure for supplying water, power and information, as well as building or upgrading 200,000 kilometers of rural roads, as part of the efforts to revitalize the villages.

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